The best garden hose: can help you water your plants more easily

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Gardening is a popularity and enjoyable activity that everyone can enjoy, Finding a suitable plumbing can often make us do more with less.A good garden hose is essential to ensure that each plant gets enough water and nutrients. 


Frequent problems with garden plumbing

A garden hose is an essential tool for maintaining a beautiful garden. However, if not appropriately used, several common problems can occur.

The first problem that many people experience is a twisted or kinked hose. This problem can be frustrating because it can cause water flow to slow or even stop altogether. In addition, kinked hoses can make moving pots or other gardening equipment challenging.

Another common problem is a broken or leaking hose. That can lead to wasted water and put unnecessary stress on your plants. In addition, if the leak is severe, it may even lead to suffocation and weakening of the plant's roots.

Finally, some garden hoses may emit unpleasant odors that harm your health and plants. These odors are usually caused by the use of low-quality materials. Such as low-quality plastics or chemicals.


How to avoid the above problems

On the issue of a kinked hose, we can prevent this problem by choosing a hose with an outer braid. The outer braid of the garden hose usually protects the hose from breaking. With a slightly rough surface that can be very good for increasing the friction between the hose. Greatly reducing the chance of hose knotting and letting the water flow smoothly through the hose.

A variety of reasons, such as excessive folding or long periods, may cause hose breakage. We can choose high ductility and high sealing hoses when buying. Which generally have longer hose life, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of this problem.

Finally, garden hoses emit unpleasant odors mostly due to problems with the material of the hose. And poor-quality materials tend to be more likely to evaporate their pungent smell in direct sunlight. You can buy hoses in preference to non-hazardous certified hoses, such as those made of food-grade materials. If you have purchased a hose that emits a pungent smell, it should be placed in the sun to dry until the irritating smell is gone.


Advantages of netuera garden hose

First, our garden hose consists of an outer woven fabric wrapped around the latex hose inside. Which automatically expands to approximately three times its original length when the water is turned on. Thanks to their highly high stretch, these materials can withstand extreme pressure as well as harsh weather conditions, including direct sunlight and strong winds.

Second, our garden hoses are often more environmentally friendly. Our hoses are made from a sustainable resource-latex. A material that is safe and non-toxic while reducing our dependence on limited resources and our impact on the environment.

In addition, our garden hoses have water-saving properties and can be switched to 7 modes. These seven modes can highly reduce the water consumption and perfectly solve the water problem.



Tips for watering plants

1. We need to water the plants at the right time. In summer, we should choose to irrigate plants in the morning or evening. To maximize the evaporation of water so that the plants can better absorb the water.

2. Providing too much water to the plants is strictly forbidden. Too much water can cause the soil to absorb and encapsulate the roots. This, combined with the impermeability of the water combined with the ground, prevents the plant roots from breathing properly. We recommend the use of nozzle hoses for better control of water flow. This will greatly reduce the chance of suffocation of plant roots.



In summary, having a proper garden hose is essential to ensure that your plants receive adequate water and nutrients. However, improper use of garden hoses can lead to many annoying problems. These include kinks, leaks and the release of chemical or plastic odors, all of which can harm the environment and your plants. Based on these problems, we offer three suggestions. How to solve the problem of hoses by purchasing hoses with outer braiding, high sealing and environmentally friendly materials. Meanwhile, we expect every customer to buy our garden hoses to provide the best foundation for your dream garden.




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